Medcare Implements InterSystems TrakCare as Part of its Digital Transformation Journey

By Connection Manager posted 12-08-2021 11:54


Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres is embarking on its digital transformation journey by implementing InterSystems TrakCare unified healthcare information system at its hospital in Sharjah. Through their strategic partnership, InterSystems is set to deploy TrakCare as a Service electronic medical record system (EMR) across Medcare’s four hospitals and 16 medical centers.

TrakCare as a Service is a private, cloud-hosted EMR service that follows an OPEX (operating expenses) model based on subscriptions. The system enables hospitals and clinics to achieve their clinical and financial objectives without making major upfront capital expenditures. Based in the UAE, Medcare operates leading state-of-the-art hospitals, and it is dedicated to offering premium integrated health services in accordance with the highest quality.

TrakCare, with its unified clinical and revenue cycle management capabilities, gives Medcare’s care providers a holistic view of each patient’s clinical, administrative, and financial information at any given time. The EMR system also supports Medcare’s medical staff in their decision-making, while creating more opportunities to offer the patients an enhanced experience and seamless care journey, as they spend less time waiting and avoid unnecessary tests.

Medcare Hospital Sharjah is also one of the first hospitals within the global TrakCare community to benefit from the new extended mobile capabilities of a fully-enabled user interface, which will improve the user experience wherever care is delivered. The new mobile functionality includes support for operating theater bookings and administration, maternity, and nursing care plans, and delivers dynamic patient lists, a patient journey tracker, and additional graphing capabilities.

Dr. Yehia El Gabbani, Chief Operating Officer at Medcare Hospital Sharjah, said: “We are committed to delivering outstanding patient care and exceptional clinical services in our communities. We strongly believe that adopting innovations and world-class technologies will renovate our patient experience and units’ operations. We implemented InterSystems TrakCare to improve the clinical outcomes and patient care delivery which in turn will help us strengthen our patient safety and privacy, patient record availability, and reduce the overall waiting time.”

“We are pleased with the successful go-live of TrakCare at Medcare Hospital Sharjah in a record 7 months’ time, and are on track to deploy TrakCare as a Service at its four hospitals and 16 medical centers. TrakCare as a Service will enable Medcare staff to focus on what they do best: delivering excellent patient care, while entrusting InterSystems with their EMR landscape,” said Ali Abi Raad, Country Manager for the Middle East and India at InterSystems.

Implementing TrakCare will also enable Medcare to comply with the UAE Health authorities’ initiatives for Health Information Exchange, which integrates public and private health systems so that patient records can be easily shared and accessed by authorized individuals.

Visit the TrakCare page to learn more about how TrakCare’s fully-enabled Mobile UI enables better end user experiences. To read the full press release, click here.