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  • T2022 Clinical Timeline Preview Videos

    Being able to discern changes in patient condition over time, relative to care and therapy delivered, provides valuable insight for decisions about immediate care needs and on-going patient management to drive better outcomes for patients.

    We have just published four (4) preview videos on the new Clinical Timeline feature available in TrakCare where you will learn how Clinical Timelines can make your tasks easier.

    Janet Seaton in her Introduction video provides background to Clinical Timelines.

    The supporting three (3) preview demonstration videos (Maternity by Traci, Oncology by Mohammad, and Medication Administration by Jennifer) explain how timelines with complementary data can be created and navigated to suit your particular need be it familiarising yourself with a new patient, co-ordinating the delivery of nursing care around planned surgery and diagnostic interventions, monitoring for specific clinical conditions, or tracking progress against a prescribed treatment regimen or expected healthy patient measure.

    I invite you to have a look at these videos available under T2022 Release Collateral.